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Some women prefer the smooth, clean look of shaving their vaginal areas. This practice is not new--it dates back to ancient Egyptian times. Shaving your pubic area is also necessary if you plan on wearing a bikini. Since the skin in this area is quite sensitive, though, razor burn can be a problem. Bumps on the skin can ruin. Pubic Hair Removal: Shaving | Health & Skin Issues for Teens Julianna. Age: 20. I'm Sasha and I look forward to getting the chance to spend some private time with you Don't shave too often! Hi, im 16 yrs old and last week, i decided for the first time to shave my pubic hair region. I dont rlly know why? But my friends had said that girls prefered it this way. So i took my Gillete Shavor (Not electric) and began 2 shave. I have just left a little few pubic hairs around my penis now. But once i had finished shaving i started. Chloe. Age: 18. Looking to meet some generous and fun gentlemen who would like to help me pay for classes I shaved my vagina and the itching is uncontrollable, what should I do? Feb 5, - i shave my pubic hair and i noticed i had one larger pimple that was really painful and deep, i pulled out the hair at the center of this large pimple and puss excreted from the pimple. (if thats what It is not ingrown hairs, it is not razor burn, it is not pimples, go see a doctor and don't listen to anyone on here. How to Shave Your Pubic Hair. Shaving pubic hair is a sexy trend for a growing number of men and women, but it does require some finesse to do it well. Whether you're male or female, the process is pretty much the same— lose the hair and a.

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Evilyn. Age: 25. Bises, amelie Razor bumps are not only an unsightly by-product of hair removal, but they can become infected and cause you pain and skin problems. The bikini area Shaving over razor bumps will only irritate or tear them open, leaving them vulnerable to infection (and probably not removing much hair in the process). If you can, let. Jun 10, - Shaving pubic hair: Avoiding razor burn and ingrown hairs. Dear Alice,. My boyfriend likes shaved pubes, but when I shave down there and the hair starts to grow back I get razor burn and ingrown hairs. How can I get rid of this? Dear Reader,. Some people find that a shaved pubic area can increase sexual.


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