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Aug 27, - Perhaps just perhaps there aren't nine reasons why Religious People Suck, maybe there's only three, or four or six. I'll just have to see how many I get to as I get going here. This is really complicated turf because it doesn't stop with just religious people, the sucking that is it extends to all segments of. RELIGIOUS PEOPLE SUCK AND THE NINE REASONS WHY | And the Puppy Howls Nikky. Age: 23. Chocolate indulgence for your carnal appetite Or Protestants for Catholics in certain parts of Ireland… There is no religious tolerance… Religious freedom… another story that. After a month, I never got any messages. Sep 7, - They talk about how they all hate the new lamb ad. In just a few days, the ad — which depicts gods, goddesses, deities and representatives from about a dozen religions sitting around a table having a meal — has gone from a cheeky attempt to “unite” people and has instead divided them. Ironic, huh? Bree. Age: 20. I weight 50 kg and my body measures are 80 C cup - 70 cm waist - 102 cm ass :) 5 Reasons Why I Hate Religious Christianity How to suck at your religion. How to suck at your religion. Share this. Show me a random comic Show me the popular comics Show me the latest comics Show me some cat comics. Latest Things. Random Comics. When one has not had a good father, one must create one. Why Netflix is splitting itself in two · The Bobcats on. Jun 14, - Religion is a popular topic online. Not because people want to have in-depth theological and philosophical debates, but because if you're a religious person with a social media account, they want to call you: a) a paedophile; b) an irrational moron; or c) a rapist paedophile. Last week, while I was tweeting.

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Eleanor. Age: 30. Hi my name is cristina, i am nice and easy going, fun loving and sociable. May 9, - That kind of belief - that kind of religion - will suck the life out of you. I know from firsthand experience. Thankfully Asking these kinds of questions, in my opinion, is why there is so much division in the church and why some people feel that Christianity is exhausting. Following Jesus isn't an easy life but it is. Jan 12, - It sucks to be one of the only kids in your elementary school not getting a visit from Santa, and it still sucks as an adult. So when Christian The subject line “Don't take a first date too seriously” seemed peculiar, given that the people in that picture look to be taking their date very seriously. Anyway, I wish I. The Simpsons Search Engine - Create Memes and GIFs.


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