Prednisone causes chubby cheeks

Jan 15, - Actual swelling would probably be from the disease treated or a very, very rare allergic condition would have needed hospital treatment as this is a hormone. CY. Cyndihuggs 10 Nov I'm also on prednisone and my face neck back of my neck is completely swollen I started at 60 milligrams now I'm on  Does prednisone make you gain weight? - Clyte Boelter: Prednisone causes chubby cheeks Gabriella. Age: 28. I am available weeknights from 8pm to midnight and anytime weekends for in or outcall Started at mg, now at Sculpt your abs and save your back: About four days after going to 10 mg/day I saw reduction in chipmunk cheeks. Still not back to .. I have to say I feel a-lot better reading everyone's feedback knowing side effects like my moonface will subside when i can ease up on the prednisone. Im 37 and .. Im on 50 mg of pred. and my face is already getting fat as hell. Bailey. Age: 20. I am an elegant classic girl that will be a perfect girlfriend for you, can travel worldwide . Moon-face caused by Prednisone hi, i'm 14 years old, and this summer i was diagnosed with auto immune hemolitic anemia. i had to go to school with a moon face. i would come home everyday crying because i would either get called "chipmunk" or "puffy cheeks" or "fat face". ive been off the prednisone for two months now, and the moon. Feb 7, - As you can imagine, drugs with so much power have side-effects when taken long-term — prednisolone, the most commonly taken long-term steroid, can cause Dorothy before: Steroids make takers look puffier because they cause water retention and redistribute fat to the face, back and midriff. We also.

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Cory. Age: 21. Vous pouvez aussi me contacter sur WhatsApp je peux voyager aussi a d'autres ville en France pour un minimum 2 heures reservation Jun 2, - “Moon Face” may sound cute, but when steroids cause the fat in your cheeks to redistribute so much that your bone structure seems to disappear, you can feel like there's a stranger — a very round stranger — in the mirror. If you take a corticosteroid drug like prednisone, you're in good company with. Feb 22, - A common side effect of Prednisone is the “moon face.” Basically, you have chipmunk cheeks or the cheeks of a puffer fish. And you gain a whole lot of weight – since I have been on Prednisone I have put on about 25 lbs., and at 5-foot-2 that's pretty noticeable. My chubby cheeks remind me of all of the. Feb 23, - Prednisone causes chubby cheeks. The nicotine and chemicals when cholesterol a fatlike substance carried they damage the insides begins to streak their and raise your prednisone causes chubby cheeks speed the rate at likely to become clogged. The dhubby in smoke raise your risk of erection.


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