Harry potter object penetration fanfiction

Harry has a mid-night meeting with the Potion's Master Severus Snape. So what then? Or, a story between the Professor, his minx and a brand-new Snitch —— —— —— —— Chinese language only! Do NOT read this shit if you are allergic to ANY of the tags applied! 看之前仔细审tag,不然你踩雷脚炸飞了别怪我没提醒。. Object Penetration - Works | Archive of Our Own Sofie. Age: 24. My name is Sage & I'm the real deal! It tossed him high this time, and Harry caught sight of McGonagall's cramped, concerned face nearby, and the way she aimed her wand at him. Mar 26, - Warnings: Object penetration, masturbation, oral sex, underage implied but not described, incest. Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling in the least so these characters and settings did not spring from my imagination at all, so she owns them and I don't. Notes: Written for luvscharlie for hpvalensmut on live journal. Yurizan. Age: 28. From the sunny shores of Singapore, I will be in HK from Apr 4 to 7th Jun 23, - A/N: This story was written for HP Kinkfest The requested kink for this fic was object insertion/anal fixation. If that kind of kink isn't your thing, please use the back button. Betaed by gusx P.S. Seems that I'm still having problems with tangled words when posting. I've tried to find every words stuck. Jun 8, - Slash, dub/non-con, humiliation, knifeplay, BDSM, whipping, object penetration, bloodplay. Disclaimer: Don't own, don't even want to. Might borrow for a while if given the chance though. Summary: The real reason Severus Snape hates Sirius Black, and why Sirius Black cannot bear the sight of Severus.

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Larissa. Age: 25. Hello!i'm adella - a chic,very sensual and sexy girl with good education and good sens of humor!if you looking for a high class escort - call me and i promise you a great-great time toghether! Apr 22, - Title: The Talk Author: Renai-chan. Disclaimer: Harry Potter does in no way belong to me nor do I claim in any way that it does. I am merely using the characters to fulfill my twisted imagination. Genre: Humor/Romance Rating: M Pairings: RLxSB, HPxDM. Summary: Remus decides that Sirius should give the. Jan 15, - Warnings: Object insertion, exhibition, voyeurism, humiliation, "eighth-year" fic. Wordcount: Pairing: Harry/Draco. Summary: Harry was anticipating a reaction. That wasn't the problem. He just didn't anticipate Draco's reaction coming in front of the entire Great Hall. Author's Notes: This is the fifth fic in a. Posts about object penetration written by burningorgan. Serial killer Harry. Length: K, one-shot. Harry Potter/Scorpius Malfoy. Under Pressure by snarkyscorp. Summary: It was getting to the point that Harry could smell him coming. . My Opinion: I wasn't actually aware that one could write Whose Line fanfiction.


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