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May 21, - Iam sure this question has been asked many times, i have tried the search facility but it appears not to be working at the minute so here goes. I have noticed for some time that i have been getting lumps in my semen, these lumps look like rice pudding and are like a amber colour and are slightly opaque. if i. Something wrong with my sperm or is this an STD? — top-retail.info Cassidy. Age: 22. Hello my name is Anna, 36 old Please note that the our team are not practicing medical professionals and though we offer our knowledge, advice and support based on the information you give us, we always recommend that you seek professional medical advice if you are suffering from any sexual health issue or concern. Oct 27, - When I ejaculate, my sperm is not like it use to be. Now it has something in it. Like jelly-like something.. I honestly don't know how to explain it. I cum onto toliet paper so I could better look at it once I noticed I was having this problem. The stuff that I see is like rice size jelly type things. Sometimes it's like in. Puma. Age: 20. Have desires that need to be fulfilled Lumps in Semen Oct 7, - For example, they are as thick as small boiled rice pieces is there a concern to worry? Dear A little In terms of consistency, right after ejaculation, semen is more likely to have a jelly-like texture. It's quite normal for semen to form jelly-like globules and this doesn't indicate any health or fertility problems. Jan 15, - i find that I get "chunks" of coagulated semen along my normal ejaculation when I am too aroused and haven-t ejaculated for a while (like a whole week), being through masturbation or otherwise I find it normal that my testicles hurt if I don't ejaculate, as well It also happened to me that I get stomach.

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Grace. Age: 21. I would love to meet with someone and having sex Dec 11, - I have recently noticed small gelatin looking lumps in my sperm, and a decrease in the projectile, flow of sperm when ejaculation occurs the lumps look like the silicon pieces you get in those stay fesh packets. I am 38 thanks for any help. This topic is answered by a medical expert. Jan 13, - Hello. I'm 24 year old male and just recently I have noticed some strange things are happening to me. I have noticed that my erections are not like they used to and that I have some gel like substance in my ejaculate. I don't know what could be the c. Jun 10, - For the last six months I have been noticing these gelatine lumps in my semen, I can feel them coming out during ejaculation, I've had a sti test and it was negative over the months it has started to get worse now I get a mild pain before ejaculation and my semen is thick almost gel like I am very concerned.


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