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Feb 9, - To exacerbate my humiliation, Brenda scolded me while she went about the spanking. Methodically Even though I had been exposed to these girls in all my glory already, somehow it was even more humiliating with the panties dangling at my knees. “Okay, my dear little brother—or should I say 'sister? My brother Johan and me Chapter 2 - my first spanking, a general fiction | FictionPress Layton. Age: 26. I just moved to Las Vegas from Washington state I think Daddy must have followed him upstairs, because I heard extra feet on the stairway. I was in just my punishment attire, panties a little to small and a short cut top, that basically only covers my breast's. "I want you to look me in the eye little girl, when I am speaking to you." I looked directly in her eyes as she kept mumbling on about smoking. I could see out of the corner of my eye, my little brother smugly. Cassidy. Age: 29. Du kannst mich zum Dinner, kulturellen oder geschaftlichen Anlassen sowie als elegante Begleitung bei Stadtereisen mitnehmen ‘panties’ stories Sissy boy used again and loves it! I discover my female boss's fetish for men in panties. Can Paul find love with pretty neighbor Louise? Young man caught by twin stepsisters. Teacher at all girl school guides students into lesbian lust. and other exciting erotic at! Without being asked she bends over the kitchen table lifting her dress. Tan young legs, a thin waist, clean white cotton panties hold broadening feminine buttocks, the kind she shares with Momma and the women of our family. She is ready. Ready to scamper upstairs to my room, I turn as do my other brothers and sister.

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Sofie. Age: 28. Pleasing attitude and I am super playful Aug 1, - Looking past Daddy, I saw my little brother Randy sitting on the couch. He looked like he didn't really want to be there, but there he was. “Turn back into that corner,” Daddy ordered. “The belt works best on a bare bottom. You're lucky I'm letting you keep your bra. Now take off those panties! Squatting a bit. Apr 7, - Description: New Trailer - 'Spanked by his Mum and Sister” Kyaa finds her brother wearing her clothes again! He keeps stealing her clothes and They then use wooden paddles to drive the lesson home that he should be wearing boy clothes and stop stealing his sisters dresses and panties! SPANKING. “You realize you deserve a spanking for that? Several actually.” She shivered with delight. “I did nothing wrong.” His eyes narrowed, and he gave her a small thwack on the rear. She moaned. “Attitude?” He bunched his big hand in her panties and pulled until the sides squeezed a bit between her cheeks, forming a bikini.


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