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These wipes do help to stop sweating however after using it for about 4 days my face became very dry and started to peel. It did reduce my face sweating a lot but I had to stop using them because they were drying my skin out. I am going to try and start using them every other day or every few days and see if that helps while. Maxim Wipes - Hyperhidrosis Network Stoya. Age: 30. An Elite and Discreet Companion Please try your search again later. Stop excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis with a more powerful antiperspirant than Drysol. Maxim Antiperspirant treats excessive underarm sweating, underarm stains, and underarm perspiration. Tyra. Age: 22. I am Stephy from Hong Kong STOP EXCESSIVE SWEATING AND EXCESSIVE PERSPIRATION WITH MAXIM ANTIPERSPIRANT Maxim Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirant treatment and hyperhydrosis treatment is effective on armpit sweating, causes of excessive sweating, sweaty armpits, and underarm perspiration. As powerful as Drysol. Excessive Sweating stops quickly with MAXIM, THE MOST POWERFUL antiperspirant on the market for excessive perspiration. Read real testimonials to prevent excessive armpit sweating.

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Vasilisa. Age: 24. CONNECTPAL Maxim Antiperspirant is available in 4 varieties of formulas for the worst cases of excessive sweating and excessive perspiration. Maxim wipes have been developed for people who wish to be able to apply Maxim more conveniently. They are based on the same powerful formula as the Maxim Antiperspiranbt Roll-On. Perfect for golf, travel, speaking engagements, interviews, people who wear uniforms. Antiperspirant Wipes. Maxim Antiperspirant Wipes are formulated for people with uncontrollable, excessive sweating. Wipes make them easy to apply anywhere. The only downside to this product is that there's no information about its ingredients. While the manufacturer, Corad Healthcare (see Resources), indicates that the.


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