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Apr 23, - The satellites were sent mainly to scout potential landing sites for manned moon missions. Each satellite would point its dual lens Kodak camera at a target, snap a picture, then develop the photograph. High- and low-resolution photos were then scanned into strips called framelets using something akin to. A Brief History of the Apollo Hoax | Popular Science Amber. Age: 26. As first let me introduce myself Dude, you make all of us sane people who actually allow room for the reality of the highly likely possibility that aliens are actually visiting us look like your brand of crazy. Sorry if it came up in your search results and wasted your time but believe it or not there are some people out there that want to believe so bad that any evidence is good evidence to them. Sep 6, - The end of the space shuttle era comes just as NASA marks the 42nd anniversary of its greatest triumph: the Apollo 11 moon landing. Commentary by NBC News' Jay Barbree. Brynn. Age: 18. Hello! I am a pretty, cheery girl who has several years experience in massage The Hackers Who Recovered NASA's Lost Lunar Photos Sep 30, - Kaysing claimed that the Apollo program was faked to allow the U.S. to secretly militarize space, and that the astronauts, who were put through sessions of "guilt therapy" to help deal with the deception, were actually at a strip club in Nevada the night of the moon landing. Far from being the work of an. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera Images; Landing Site Maps/Images; Assembled Panoramas; Pre-Flight Suit Images; Crew and Equipment Pre-Flight; Vehicle Assembly, Transport, and Checkout on the Launch Pad; Saturn V Launch; Mission Support Photos; Mission Photos by Magazine Number. Magazine 36/N.

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Serena. Age: 19. le canner,antibes,juan-les-pins,cagnes-sur-mer,valbonne,mougins,biotst-laurent-du-var,tanneron,nice,vence,saint-jeannet,enze,vielle ville,la trinite,cap-d’Ail,roquebrune-cap-martin,castellar,contes,blausascmpeille,monte carlo,sospel The millimeter photographs taken on the lunar surface provided panoramic views of the surface near the landed LM and allowed detailed topographic mapping of the lunar surface near the landing point. Lunar photography from the lunar module consisted mainly of specific targets of opportunity, with a short strip of. Mission Photography. The primary purpose of the Apollo 8 mission was to further progress toward the goal of landing humans on the Moon by gaining operational or stereo strip, photographs during at least two revolutions, (2) photographs of specified targets of opportunity, and (3) photographs of a potential landing site.


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