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Dora June grinned. Lizzy nodded. “I haven't shopped for this sexy husband of mine and that would be a great time to do so.” Allie's nod was slower. “I haven't even started my shopping, so I guess I do need to go.” “Rule number one, Dora June. Dora June pointed a chubby finger at her. “You need bossing and I'm like. Dora the Sexy Explorer? | On Air Videos | Fox News Vicki. Age: 26. Slim thick And that is a truly happy ending! Nov 8, - Dora the Explorer. controversial cartoon makeovers dora explorer (source). When everyone's favortie backpack wearing cutie got a "new fashionable look," some parents went crazy over the, even starting online petitions to stop the change. They thought tween Dora was not only a little too 'sexy' but also  Missing: chubby. Alex. Age: 24. I can be your social companion, exclusive date, temporary girlfriend, a muse or you can find new view on life with me. 5 Children's Characters That Got Controversial 'All Grown Up' Makeovers Aug 18, - And the fact that she is no longer “the explorer” bums me out. Other parents are a little more concerned. When the idea for the new Dora was first floated way back in , parents had mixed reactions. In response to an Entertainment Weekly article asking is the new Dora is “too sexy,” some moms shared. well, at least her chubby little mid-drift is gone. and they made this change sound terrible, honestly she's not sexed up at all at least i don't think so. it's not like she even has a training bra yet, people need to calm the fuck down with stuff like this. thinking dora the explorer is sexy??? now what the hell is.

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Sadina. Age: 25. Available 24/7! Apr 16, - Jason: Soo sexy chubby beauty Dora is only to snuggle that belly. Weasyl. Submit · Search · Settings. About. About Weasyl · News · FAQ · Staff · Awesome People. Community. Forums · @Weasyl · @WeasylDev · @WeasylCritique · @WZLCritiqueNSFW. Policy. Community Guidelines · Ratings Guidelines. Mar 9, - Their main concern is that a fat daughter won't get a husband? Please, most kids at that age look like that. Dora isn't a tween. She is supposed to be like 4 or 5 - and that is the figure most kids that age has. Those women commenting on it are WHORES. Not all of us want slutty daughters thank you.. Apr 30, - Controversy over the popular doll's top-retail.infog: chubby.


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