Pain after loosing virginity

Pain after losing my virginity.6 days after. Ok so i'm 18 and I lost my virginity 6 days ago to my current boyfriend. I was completely ready and don't regret it at all. The sex was unprotected and not lubricated (i'm allergic to glycerin and latex). Also he is very large there was onl Womens Health  Pain and burning after losing virginity - Sexual Health. How long does your vagina hurt after losing your virginity? - BabyBump (Alt12 Apps) Ashlynn. Age: 27. All-natural, sensual southern girl How do I handle the situation? Mar 26, - There's a lot of reasons to be sore! First off, you've had something inside you in a way that's never happened before. This obviously causes things to be stretched and moved and agitated in ways that have never happened to your body before. All th How many days does it pain the penis after losing your virginity? Mason. Age: 21. Why not picking a sexy guide and discreet escort, which is funny and offers you a very pleasant time, a lovely vacation in valea prahovei How long does your vagina hurt after losing your virginity? Hello. I just lost my virginity. We used protection and we were very cautious. The condom never broke. And he never ejaculated in me. But I cant stop worrying about being pregnant. I guess I just need some reassurance. I have stomach pains and cramps. Is this normal as some kind of symptoms after losing virginity or is this. Apr 13, - I lost my virginity to my boyfriend a 2 days ago (I haven't seen him since, but I am going to for the next few days) It hurt quite a lot at first but after a minute or two of him being really gental the pain just went and i realised what all the hype was about lol. I blead a lot afterwards though, and i felt a tiny bit sore/  Extreme pain every time I try to lose my virginity- normal?

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Kleio. Age: 19. Outcall Only** Jan 11, - Besides, no one would say anything about losing it and never getting it back if it weren't for that purposeless strip of flesh called the hymen. This is one of the most painful things I have heard from my friends. I'm never going to get it back, and I did lose my virginity, but I am not any less of a person because of. Nov 7, - It doesn't matter who you are ––sex for the first time is a huge deal. Whether you're preparing to lose your virginity (or have sex with a new partner for the first time), at least a little discomfort is inevitable. After all, everyone is different and sex is a learning process! So, how can you reduce the amount of pain. My husband and I got married this past week. We waited until our wedding night to make love and that's when I lost my virginity. It's been four days since then and I'm still sore. I don't understand why it still hurts when we try to have sex how long does this usually last for and when does it start feeling good.


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